Our business model is perfectly suited to the growing demands for customisation and to the rapid changes in your market.
If your business changes, we change with you.


Thanks to our experience, in-depth knowledge of the food logistics sector and the use of trained and qualified people.
Analysis, control and accuracy of the work to be done: action after strategies.


We use dynamic and versatile management software to plan and coordinate all warehouse and order flows, in order to react quickly to variations and changes.
We guarantee modularity and full traceability of your products.


We are a well-established firm that was founded in 1980 to meet the storage needs linked to the supply chain of local products. Today, after 40 years in which we have grown and specialised, we are a reference for food companies that need a complete logistic service and multi-channel management of their frozen, fresh and temperature-controlled products. We support our customers with a responsible management, rigorously complying with all food safety procedures and with international certifications.
Our experience for a Premium service: safety, speed, efficiency.


We are headquartered in Parma, in the Food Valley, conveniently located to reach the ports of La Spezia, Livorno and Genoa and in a central position to serve all areas of major industrial development.
We offer a multi-channel service to take your business everywhere


“FlexAbility” is the management model we adopt to address the growing requests for customer customisation and the multiplicity of the different distribution channels in which they are present. Through a great ability to react and a continuous focus on safety, we apply our experience combined with knowledge of the sector and the use of trained and qualified people. We help those who need not only a logistic service but also solutions aimed at increasing the added value and reputation of their business.
Flexibility and Ability with a single partner



  • Import-Export customs procedures.
  • Simplified local clearance procedure.
  • Issue of Health Certificates and Veterinary Service.
  • Completion of Uvac, Intrastat, Traces, Commercial Documents practices.
  • Consolidation of container in groupage (LCL).
  • Qualified to export to: Japan – Hong Kong.
  • Stock insurance.
  • Type “C” bonded Warehouse with authorisation 29141 X for storage of goods abroad.
  • VAT deposit in compliance with art. 50bis l.d. 331/93.
  • Qualitative assessment of goods.
  • Tax representative.
  • Consignment stock.
  • Consumables for shipping safety: Data Logger, Air Bag, dry ice, packaging for maintaining the temperature.
    • Storage of goods at a controlled temperature from + 15°C to -20°C with certification of cell temperatures
    • Handling of all types of products on pallets and in bulk
    • Fifo – Fefo – Production Batch management of the goods in stock
    • Order picking and preparation
    • Distribution of goods at controlled and ambient temperatures
    • Transit point
    • Cross Docking
    • Labelling and weighing of individual packages or pallets
    • Sampling
  • Freezing in tunnel or cell with certification and monitoring of the entire cycle
  • No. 3 forced air freezing tunnel (Blast Freezing).
  • Product freezing test
  • Dressing and freezing of exposed meat
  • Repackaging and weighing
  • Labelling of packages and articles
  • Creation of packages with assorted products
  • Kitting of promotional material
  • Repacking
  • Customisations
  • Management of disposal procedures

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